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Puget Sound Claim Consulting (PSCC) is a claim management company offering claim, accounting, financial and reinsurance consulting services to a wide variety of clients, including insurers, legal firms, corporations and private parties. *


Who I am:
I am the owner and principal consultant of ​Puget Sound Claim Consulting  (PSCC).  I conduct business under three trade names:  Puget Sound Environmental Claim Consulting (PSECC); Puget Sound Claim Consulting (PSCC) and Puget Sound Risk & Insurance Consulting (PSRIC).  Each offers distinct specialties to the client.  All three companies are incorporated and licensed in the State of Washington but perform services on a regional and national level.  


I have worked in the insurance industry for 40 years, following the trials and travails of insurers, claimants, and insureds, gaining a full understanding of its unique business environment and challenges.  I have had experience handling, managing and supervising a wide variety of insurance lines and, literally, tens of thousands of claims. 

I have dealt with all levels of insurance company management in the United States, South America, London and France.  This experience includes broad financial, operational, underwriting and accounting audits to maximize efficiency and cost savings.


Technical Knowledge: 

I offer advanced technical working knowledge on specific topics such as  claim and underwriting procedures; tort & insurance law;  claim department regulations & interpretive rulings; acceptable industry  claim procedures; bad faith; unfair claim practices and extra contractual obligations.  I  have participated in company liquidations, treaty commutations and are well acquainted with the insolvency procedures of Washington, California and New York.  I also excel in change management, risk identification, budgeting, project integration, business continuity planning and issues management.  A comprehensive listing of technical applications follows in the "Services" section.
*My Goal at PSCC is to provide an effective response to the insurance needs of my clients, whether they are individuals or a small or large corporation. 

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